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All German Language Courses include free Exam preparation, Books, Notes and Audio-Videos.

German Basic Level - A1

A1 is first step of learning language. In this course we cover all basic grammar, vocabulary, sentences and dialogues. In starting days students learn all grammar topics so that during practice or learning with books they do not face any problem.

German Basic Level - A2

A2 is the step where you start to understand the language. Students can speak, write, read and listen paragraphs. Now they are able to answer the asked questions in German Language and they can easily write long letters and Emails.

German Intermediate Level - B1

In B1 students can write long texts. They can understand German Audios and Movies. After completing B1 level, Students have wide opportunity in multiple MNCs. BPOs and KPOs offer good position after B1

German Intermediate Level - B2

In B2 Students can understand the main contents of complex texts. They can communicate with native speakers. After completing B2 level students are able to discuss on any topic. Students can easily write long texts, understand German Audios - Videos.

German Advance Level - C1

C1 is the level, in which students understand a wide range of challenging, longer texts and also grasp implicit meanings. They can express him/herself spontaneously and fluently without having to search for words frequently and noticeably.

German Advance Level - C2

After completing C2, Students can effortlessly understand practically everything which he/she reads or hears. Can summarize information from various written and spoken sources, logically recounting the reasons and explanations.

About E Language Studio, Jaipur

E Language Studio - German Speakers Club is dedicated Institute of German Language located in Jaipur, Rajasthan since 2010. ELS Jaipur Trainers are well qualified and completed their higher Education in German Language from different Institutions. Our Director has visited 2 times Germany for advance German Language Training. We are conducting every Saturday "Stammtisch Deutsch - German Language Meeting" for German learning Students, Teachers and professionals since 2014 which is free of cost for everyone. Our motive is to provide German Language and Culture learning environment in Jaipur. Do you want to know about courses ? Call us: +91-7597559400

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ELS Students are working and Studying not only in India but also in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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